JD Instruments Testers

JD Instruments manufactures portable, “bench top” Integrated Circuit (IC) test systems that can test many different part types all from the same tester.

all these part types / one tester

  • Memory Tester
  • OpAmp Tester / Cmpr Tester
  • Mixed Signal Tester
  • Shorts-Open Tester
  • ASIC [&SOC] Tester
  • Curve Tracer
  • Discrete Comp Tester
  • Logic Circuit Tester
  • Power (Reg, FET) Tester

JD Instruments Testers – Simpler to Use

Design and Test in Hours/Days – not – Weeks/Months:

with the capabilities of ‘BIG IRON’ ATE Testers

The JDi Tester can be configured with analog and digital test cards to create a range of systems to suit various applications…

Flexible Interface

JDI family DUT Boards

JDI family DUT Boards

Standard Test Head

Standard Test Head

Large High Pin Count Test Head with extraction

Large High Pin Count Test Head with extraction

Bench Testing, Thermal Testing, Remote Testing

Bench Testing, Thermal Testing, Remote Testing

Passive - No Test Head

Passive – No Test Head

User Custom DUT Boards

User Custom DUT Boards

ATV Digital System

The ATV Digital Test System performs high speed testing and timing verification using algorithmically generated test vectors or patterns downloaded from ATPG (Automatic Test Pattern Generation). ATV can be used to test:

  • Memories (SRAM, DRAM, FLASH, SDRAM, EEPROM, etc.)
  • ASICs
  • FPGAs
  • PLDs
  • Microprocessors
  • Systems On a Chip
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PWS Analog (I/V) System

The PWS Analog (I/V) Tester (documented in PWS Manual/Help FIle) has built-in switch matrices and precision (picoamp Source Measure Units.) PWS is ideal for testing:

  • Transistors
  • OpAmps / Comparators
  • Simple Shorts/Opens Tests
  • Test Structures
  • Analog Circuits
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Combo Tester (ATV + PWS – in same chassis)

All the above, plus.

  • ADCs
  • DACs
  • Mixed Signal
  • . . .

The testers can be operated interactively or test sequences can be automated through a built-in BASIC environment. Components can be tested at wafer level or in packages.
They can be remotely tested at distances up to 100 feet

ATE – (Automated Test Environment)

Control / Program JDI Testers
with ‘built-in’ visual BASIC

  • Operator interfaces
  • Control JDI testers and other instruments (with GPIB)
  • Data Logs, Reports, Spread Sheets
  • Plots, Reports, Analysis

JDI Test Sets

Off-the-shelf DUT Boards for important
technology groups

Often, users will create their own DUT boards and test programs for testing a part. But there are some technology groups for which JDi provides off-the-shelf solutions which include DUT board sets and test programs. This is because those groups can be complex, requiring a lot of DUT board electronics, and because many part families can be accommodated from single solutions. The form factor of the JDi test sets are suitable for bench top, air stream, oven, and radiation test.

Test Sets Available

  • OpAmp / Comparator
  • ADC
  • DAC
  • x16 Memory ( for SRAM / FLASH / SDRAM / non Volatile Memories / Logic Devices …)
  • Power (Regulators, Power FET, … )

Advanced IC Test Family Boards

for critical technology groups


• OpAmps
• Comparators
• PWM (coming)

Mixed Signal



• Logic


• LDO Regulators
• FETs
turn key!

IC Test – Family Boards


  • OpAmp/Cmpr
  • Mixed Signal (ADC/DAC)
  • Memory (+ Dig & Logic ckts)
  • Power
  • Full Test: DC, ac, Functional
  • Thermal Test: Air Stream, Oven (with extender card)
  • Single, Dual, Quad package support
  • Multi-Site
  • Includes Test Software and Part Libraries
    Production Test, Radiation Test, etc
    User extensible libraries via simple part definition screens

Family Test Board Set:

Load Board + various DUT Boards