Company Profile

JDI provides high performance, portable/bench top digital and analog
testers that are versatile and simple to use, and test a wide variety of
device families and circuitry, at low cost.


JD Instruments was formed in 1999 to manufacture and sale a family of rugged, portable test systems that have been under development since 1991.

These systems have gone through several generations of refinements, and have been used in testing a wide variety of device families. The digital tester has been used to test numerous memories, micro-processors, ASICs, and FPGA’s. The analog tester has been used to characterize many types of transistors, test structures, Op Amps and analog circuitry.

From conception the systems have been designed to be bench top/ portable with performance similar to large console testers. This has been achieved through modular architecture and several custom ASIC’s.


Founded to create low-cost portable IC testers with remote
DUT capabilities – digital Tester (ATV), analog tester (PWS)

Developed in the demanding area of IC characterization and part
qualification with radiation environments

1991 : 1998

“crafted through use” on over 20 programs:

Examples include – Raytheon – Anti Ballistic Missile Radiation part qualification

– Kodak – wafer test & packaged part acceptance

– NASA – Jupiter Icy Moons Spacecraft Radiation DDR SDRAM qualification


1999 – testers offered to commercial markets

1999 to present

Tester Sales, IC Test Support, Radiation Test

JDI Testers owned by companies including

Aeroflex, American Semiconductor, Analytical Solutions Inc, Annapolis (Naval Academy), Atheros, BAE Systems, BGA Technologies, BOEING, CERN (Switzerland), DREO (Canada), General Dynamics, General Dynamics, Harris, Honeywell-Clearwater, IEC, JPL, LMCO (Denver), Lockheed Martin (San Jose), Maxwell Laboratory, MRC, NRL (Naval Research Lab), NSWC (Naval Surface Weapons Center), Sandia National Laboratory, SST – Space Silicon Technology, ST Electronics (Singapore), STS – Silicon Turnkey Solutions, VPTRAD, WSMR (White Sands Missile Range)


Radiation Test Services for companies including

BAE, Ball Aerospace, Cypress Semiconductor, JPL, Mission Research Corporation (MRC), NASA, Sandia National Laboratories, SEAKR, SEI, SST – Space Silicon Technology, STS (Silicon Turnkey Solutions), White Sand Missile Range, Raytheon

JD Instruments Philosophy

Continual refinement & expansion of tester capabilities

  • Develop test programs for new technologies, provide libraries and test boards

Mixed signal (ADC/DAC)
Op Amp
Parallel test

  • Develop improved automation, data logging, and plotting techniques
  • Develop and provide user templates for test sequencing and complex data logging
  • Improved hardware RevL (11th Generation)

Higher speed parametric (500 sweeps / sec)
Expanded pin memory / expanded error FIFO

  • Respond to customer feedback

Improved test vector import (uProc, DSP, ASIC)
Improved data log speed & capacity (now compressed binary format)
Develop a USB interface

Reduce the cost of test

Simplify test development
Tester and PCB design optimizations ($500 / additional pin)