JD Instruments manufactures Integrated Circuit Testers and Semiconductor Test Systems that are portable, “bench top”…with performance found in large Automated Test Equipment (ATE). From a single platform, the JDI tester can test more part types than any ATE on the market. It is a Memory Tester, or an OpAmp Tester, a Mixed Signal Tester, Shorts-Opens Tester, Curver Tracer, Microprocessor Tester, ASIC Tester, and an SOC Tester. This is accomplished by configuring the JDI chassis with a combination of customized digitial cards, called ATV (see below), and analog cards called PWS.

THESE ARE are highly customized and integrated resources that work together seamlessly – in a simple test environment streamlined for rapid development and deployment of highly capable, automated component tests.

(THESE ARE NOT a collection of VXI data acquisition cards awkwardly controlled by LabVIEW with massive and complicated VIs that are difficult to debug and maintain.)

There are three typical configurations:

ATV Digital System

Performs high speed testing and timing verification using algorithmically generated or imported test vectors.

Use for:

• Microprocessors, DSPs
• Systems On a Chip

Functional, DC, and AC (timing) electrical paramaters


PWS – Analog (I/V) System

Precision analog measurement with built-in switch matrices and picoamp Source Measure Units (SMU) (PMU).

Use it to test

• Transistors and discrete components
• OpAmps/ Comparators
• Simple Shorts/Opens Tests
• Test Structures, Analog Circuits

~ or use as a curve tracer ~


Combo Tester
(ATV + PWS – in same chassis)

Most Popular!

Use it to test

All of the capabilities of ATV & PWS plus:

• ADCs, DACs
• Mixed Signal


Components can be tested at wafer level or in packages, and be remotely tested at distances up to 100 feet. These are scalable test systems that can be used from design-to-test – reliability test, failure analysis testing, harsh environment, radiation testing, characterization and research.

DTE (Dynamic Test Environment)

“Our customers can’t tolerate long development times to create tests. They typically have many part types, and need to develop tests in Hours/Days – not – Weeks/Months.”

“At the same time they need all the capabilities of a ‘BIG IRON’ tester.”

Introducing the JDI Dynamic Test Environment

From the inside out, the JDI test environment was designed for fast development. It begins with a JDI proprietary microprocessor at the heart of the test system. This is paired with our custom compiler which provides an intuitive, lean, vector programming language. Our custom solutions eliminate the extraneous features found in off-the-shelf processors and compilers (for example C++) which aren’t needed to construct test vectors. It simplifies the entire process of test program design. Our minimal approach is carried through all levels in the JDI tester, resulting in a simple and instictive set of interfaces.

For example, in digital testing, timing diagrams are created visually; vectors are programmed or imported from files. Debugging aids are integrated into the environment, including continuity check and timing wizard.

JDI testers can be operated interactively, or test sequences can be automated (ATE) through a built-in visual BASIC programming environment.

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Also an Industry Standard
for Radiation Testing

Its architecture, libraries and other provisions (for example ability to separateTester from DUT up to 100ft) makes the JDI Tester uniquely suited for Radiation Environment testing.

RAD Environments: TID, SEE, Prompt Gamma, FXR, Neutron, Proton, LINAC, Nuclear Reactor – Upset & Failure testing.

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Put a BIG IRON IC Tester
on your Workbench